It’s The Race that stops a town WITH the race that stops a nation run and won, you’ll need another race date to wear that expensive fascinator you bought. (Honestly, why are a few twisty feathers so expensive?) The Kyneton Cup is just the event. The Kyneton Cup is the race that stops a town.… Read More

THE GUIDE TO WHERE TO FIND IT – SEPTEMBER 2016 CONTENTS Kyneton Daffodile and Art 2,6,10,12 Art in the Park 4 Book Fair 8 Father’s Day 14 The Old Hep. 16,28 Worming 18 Banjo Jamboree 22 Women’s Ball 23 Bees 26 Family Cooking Class 28 Moodswing-Jazz 30 lost – the guide to where to find… Read More